The World Changes and Reiki Responds

Reiki Empowers us to Empower Others

In answer to our prayers and responding to our needs, a new frequency of Reiki has been sent to the people of the earth, just as Reiki has done throughout its history. Usui Sensei’s first decision when he received Reiki was to spread Reiki to all the people in the world. And to quicken the pace of this development, he said the most important quality for a Reiki Master to have is to continually seek to develop the quality and quantity of Reiki energy one is able to channel. Usui Sensei, Hayashi Sensei and Takata Sensei were each guided to adapt and develop Reiki according to the needs of the people of their time.

Conditions in our world have recently changed requiring that we not meet in groups to avoid spreading the Coronavirus. And many of the governments of the world are restricting people from leaving their homes. Unless something is done, this would prevent Reiki people from giving Reiki to others in person, unless they are currently part of the same household. And more importantly, it would also prevent people from teaching Reiki classes. This would have restricted our practice of Reiki and limit the number of Reiki practitioners to those who currently have Reiki. Those who teach part or full time would no longer be able to derive an income from teaching classes. And this is especially critical now when so many are out of work.

On March 20, 2020, during the time of the Spring Equinox, William Rand was given the ability to give Placements and Ignitions at a distance and to teach distant Reiki classes. In addition, the strength and quality of the Reiki energy was also increased. This took place during a session with Colleen Benelli. This new ability was also intended to be passed on to others in distant Reiki classes. These new gifts came to use through the help of the Brothers and Sisters of the Light.

And at the same time, our technology has kept up with our needs as the ability to work with others over the Internet is now much easier. These two developments make it possible to provide high quality, live Reiki training to others anywhere in the world and at a level in which one can easily sense the presence of the teacher and other students and feel their love and caring.

And in fact, as we have begun this journey, we are aware that the development of our technology is being guided by spiritual beings! And it is their intention that we be aware of them as through this awareness, they are able to help people use technology with greater clarity and mastery. (Benelli, 2020)


Benelli, W. L. (2020). Holy Fire® Online Reiki Master Training Supplement. United States of America: International Center for Reiki Training.

PS: All the above mentioned information is a guidance given by William Lee Rand and Colleen Benelli for teaching Holy Fire® Online Reiki Classes.