Her Healing Hands Eased the Pain

I came to Evelyn for treatments last spring.
I had a serious leg wound and she was very instrumental in my healing.
Her healing hands eased pain and speeded up my healing process and I will be forever grateful as she helped me through the confusion, fears, and frustrations of a long recovery with the combination of her years of nursing and deep reiki knowledge.



Life Following Cancer Treatment

My feeling is that Evelyn's Reiki treatments were crucial to the optimum health of my heart, body and mind through months of chemotherapy and radiation. 

As l navigate life following cancer treatment, l continue to have positive outcomes with both regular or occasional visits to Evelyn.  

She has a great gift to give.

C. Taveroff

Working With Evelyn is Always a Joy

I have received Level I & II Reiki training from Evelyn as well as attending several of her workshops and her monthly Reiki support sessions. Working with Evelyn is always a joy.

Apart from being very well prepared for her workshops and training sessions, Evelyn shares a wealth of insights drawn from her extensive experience of practising the healing arts with her students.

She has a well-honed ability to tune into the energy field of the people she is working with and can offer valuable readings that facilitate healing and growth.

All of her interactions spring from an open and very loving heart.

Margaret Bleszynski

Evelyn Teaches With a Deep Level of Clarity, Compassion, Support and Conviction

My first Reiki experience was over 15 years ago when I signed up for a class that Evelyn was offering. 

Evelyn taught the First Level Reiki class with a deep level of clarity, compassion, support and conviction.  I experienced some profound revelations and feelings of deep connection as I learned a new way of healing with Reiki.  This knowledge and practice has inspired me to wonder and explore our world and consciousness more.  

I have continued to study with Evelyn over the years and have benefited greatly from the Reiki healing energy and processes.

Thank You Evelyn for sharing your heart and passion for serving others!

Jennifer Davis

A Beautiful Healing Journey

I am so grateful to have been introduced to Reiki and Evelyn, who is a compassionate conduit for healing energy (Reiki) to flow through her, to her clients, so their heart and spirit can become one.

A beautiful healing journey had begun within myself because of that first Reiki session and also attending some of her various classes.

C J Jacobs