Her Healing Hands Eased the Pain

I came to Evelyn for treatments last spring.
I had a serious leg wound and she was very instrumental in my healing.
Her healing hands eased pain and speeded up my healing process and I will be forever grateful as she helped me through the confusion, fears, and frustrations of a long recovery with the combination of her years of nursing and deep reiki knowledge.



Reiki Testimonial

I was looking for a Reiki teacher whose own practice reflected a commitment to their own deep personal work.  Wanting to assist others is admirable, yet without doing the heavy lifting of one's own ever-continuing healing, we are much less powerful in our abilities with others. I googled and immediately found Evelyn, sensing after a brief phone conversation that she would be a good fit for me in expanding my existing energy healing practice.  thanks to Evelyn's wonderful instructions, warmth, and humility, I continue to allow Reiki to master me in both Holy Fire III and Karuna, and I am sure their magic will continue to work with me for the rest of my life.  I was well taught indeed!  I never cease to be amazed at Reiki's gifts in my own life and the lives of my clients, and in no small way do I thank Evelyn wholeheartedly for that.

Lizzie Shanks

Working With Evelyn is Always a Joy

I have received Level I & II Reiki training from Evelyn as well as attending several of her workshops and her monthly Reiki support sessions. Working with Evelyn is always a joy.

Apart from being very well prepared for her workshops and training sessions, Evelyn shares a wealth of insights drawn from her extensive experience of practising the healing arts with her students.

She has a well-honed ability to tune into the energy field of the people she is working with and can offer valuable readings that facilitate healing and growth.

All of her interactions spring from an open and very loving heart.

Margaret Bleszynski

Ode to the Power of Me

In a short conversation with a fellow Yogi; I was introduced to Reiki and Evelyn King.  I have always been a believer that "things happen for a reason" and nothing could be more true than my meeting Evelyn.  My whole self has been lifted up both body and mind.  Kudos to you Evelyn, thank you for who you are and thank you for sharing your gifts with me.


Nancy Johnson

A Safe and Nurturing Space

Evelyn and I have been on many healing journeys together. Evelyn provides a safe and nurturing space that allows the healing process to unfold however it needs to. My healing treatments have always been tremendously helpful and insightful and the shifts that occur physically, mentally and spiritually, continue long after the actual treatment is over. Evelyn's healing knowledge and training are extensive and I trust that she will be guided to use the methods that are best suited for each situation. I hope everyone in their lifetime finds a healer that is as sincere, dedicated and caring as Evelyn.

Cindy Marjoram
Baltimore. Ont