Healing With Sound

Many years ago Edgar Cayce said that sound healing would be the medicine of the future.  The future is now!

Sound amplifies prayer (a dear priest friend of mine used to say that singing is praying twice) I would easily substitute sound is praying twice.  Sound amplifies meditation.  Sound amplifies consciousness.  Sound heals.

Our quantum physicists tell us that everything is in vibration.  Ancient mystics passed down to us through generations with such words as “in the beginning was the word”

Thus if everything is in vibration this includes our bodies.  In fact, when we are healthy we often say we are in sound health.

Abut what happens with our bodies when a part of our bodies begin to vibrate at the wrong frequency – it is vibrating out of ease, out of harmony and we would say that this part of the body is “diseased”.

The basic principle of sound healing is simply this.

What if we could somehow restore the resonant frequency to that part of the body that is vibrating out of disease and harmony?

The question is how?

We will learn how to use our own voices as instruments to promote health and transformation.  The most healing sound instrument we have does not require electricity or batteries, it is free and the owner’s manual is easy to use.  And this of course is our voices.

We will be empowered to make self created sound.  Now you might be thinking “me make sound? That’s crazy.  I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.  What possible benefits could I receive”?

These are totally valid questions and what is most important to say is that we are making sound not music.  You don’t need to play an instrument or had vocal lessons or know anything about music.

You don’t even have to sing in the shower.  We are talking about using your own self-created sounds to effect changes in your physical body, including your nervous system as well as the etheric centres in your bodies know as chakras and enhance your well being.

In recent years’ scientists studying the effects of self- created sounds such as humming include:

·       Increased O2 in cells

·       Lowered BP and HR

·       Increased lymphatic circulation

·       Increased levels of melatonin a hormone that has been used to reduce stress, enhance sleep and shrink tumors

·       Release of endorphins-  self created opiates that act as “natural pain relievers

·       Boosted production of interleukin 1 as a protein associated with blood and platelet production

·       Increased levels of nitric oxide a molecule associated with the promotion of healing

·       Release of oxytocin the trust hormone

If you examine these benefits you will realize they are huge.

A tremendous pharmacopeia of positive neurochemicals and hormones are released through self created sound and that is just the beginning.

With Jonathon’s teaching we focus on learn to use self created vowels sound to resonate both our body and etheric energy centers associated with it called the chakras.  The results of these are not only physically therapeutic on both an emotional and spiritual level.

Often times through exercises such as vowels as mantra – we learn to resonate our physical body and energy centers with sacred vowel sounds-people often find this experience so powerful that it becomes a lifetime practice that becomes a lifetime practice that helps create health and balance in their lives.

In this workshop we will learn other techniques for using sound to manifest harmony and healing.

These can include activities such as learning to work with specially created sets of tuning forks that literally balance our brainwaves, our energy fields and induce states of deep relaxation.

These tuning forks are extremely easy to use, yet powerfully transformative.  Jonathan and Andi’s accountant used to sit outside the office puffing on a cigarette.

Now she keeps a set of tuning forks on her desk and whenever she feels herself getting stressed out she uses the forks to chill out and relax.

The tuning forks are another example of simple and effective sounds for healing and transformation such as vowels as mantras – we learn to resonate our physical body and energy centers with sacred vowels