Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a treatment last?

Answer: A treatment can last anywhere from ¾ of and hour to 1 ½ hours. The energy from the treatment continues to be effective for three days.

How much do you charge?

Answer: I charge $85.00 for a treatment

What happens when I am having a treatment?

Answer: You lay on a table on your back, fully dressed, supported by pillows for your head and under your knees to support your back. Quiet music is playing in the background. The table is equipped with a biomat that has several layers of healing material. Infaray. And crushed amethyst crystals. You are covered with a soft blanket. The healing room is in a very private part of the building

Will the Reiki treatments help me while I am having chemo?

Answer: The Reiki treatments are very helpful with some of the toxic side effects from the chemo. They help relieve the fatigue and boost the immune system.

Will the Reiki treatment cure my cancer?

Answer: I don’t know your soul’s purpose for having cancer. I do know that the healing Reiki energy will heal you in whatever way you most need. I cannot gaurantee that the treatment will prolong your life. I have had clients improve greatly with the treatments and their lives have been prolonged. I have had other clients where their lives were not prolonged but their pain was relieved and they died peacefully. You will receive exactly what it is that you need. I have experienced this with clients many times over

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Answer: This is entirely a personal decision. One needs to have at least a week between treatments. A lot depends on what is being treated. Rather than come for an extended period of time for frequent treatments, I often suggest that clients take First Level Reiki which is designed for your own personal use and is very helpful for maintaining health. I also host monthly Reiki Support Evenings where people who have taken Reiki get together for tea and chat and giving and receiving Reiki. This is a complimentary service.

Where Does This Energy come from? Don’t you get tired?

Answer: This energy comes from Source (however you relate to it) The energy comes through my crown and down into my heart and out through my hands. No I don’t get tired because I am not using my own energy and I actually get some of the “spin off” from the Spiritual energy. As an old friend once said “You are just the pipe”