Event details

  • Saturday | October 17, 2020 to Sunday | October 18, 2020
  • 9:00 am
  • 1942 Cherryhill Rd, Peterborough, Ontario
  • 7057689973

This weekend includes Holy Fire III Levels One and Two Usui Reiki. Level One is an introduction to Reiki where you will learn the definition of Reiki, how Reiki works, the history of Reiki,the many uses of Reiki, the Reiki Ideals. You will have meditative experiences to connect with the Holy Fire III energy and you will receive a placement to Holy Fire III Level One energy.  You will learn the hand positions for giving a treatment. You will learn how to scan the body to perceive where the client is need of the healing energy.  There will be plenty of time to practice with a partner in a warm compassionate environment. There will be a intensive manual available for Level One and Two at a cost of $25.00.  Total cost for Level One is $100.00.  A Deposit of 25.00 dollars is required to secure space in the workshop. A certificate is given on completion of Level One

Level Two Holy Fire III Reiki will introduce you to the the three  empowering symbols of Reiki and their meaning and their many uses. You will be required to memorize these symbols  There will be demonstrations on how to use the symbols in a treatment  and for personal healing, and lots of time to practice the symbols in treatments with others.  There will be a meditative experience to connect you to the Holy Fire energy and a placement to the Holy Fire II Level 2 energy.  A certificate is  given on the completion of Holy Fire II Level Two.  Cost of Level Two is $200.00.  A $75.00 deposit is required to reserve space in the class