Chakras and Reiki

Seven ChakrasIt is important to have some knowledge of the chakras.

The chakras (or energy centers) are both connected to the physical organs, in the body and the different layers of the energy field around the body.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”

A wheel that spins around it’s own axis and can spin fast or slowly.  A chakra will spin in relation to the energy level of your system.  The chakras exist in the subtle body.

The human body’s system of sensory, breathing, circulation, digestion, and reproduction and secretion. There are six corresponding chakras for these bodily functions.  The brain and the whole being also has one chakra, making it a total of seven chakras

Every chakra has a corresponding organ in our physical system

Root – belongs to the large intestine and the rectum and also has certain influence on the kidneys.

Navel – belongs to the reproductive system, the testicles, and the ovaries,also the urinary bladder and the kidneys.

Solar plexus – is in relation to liver, gall bladder, stomach,spleen and small intestine.

Heart – governs the heart, lungs and arms

Throat– governs throat, containing the thyroid and parathyroid

Third Eye – (forehead)- brain face, nose, eyes

Crown – doesn’t have a corresponding organ but is related to the whole being

There is a clear connection between the condition of a chakra and the condition of the corresponding organ.

A chakra can be over active, under active or in balance.  Reiki can give the chakras balance and the organs health.

When taking Reiki classes from Evelyn she will teach and give further information about the chakras and the emotional causes of physical illness as they relate to the chakras.  Hand positions are taught that cover all the chakras.